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Inspiration for 2009

In the Light of your Ascension, each morning, you should awaken with eagerness to watch the new day unfolding with Divine Grace, reavealing each hour new joys and victories.  Several times each day, you should consciously realize that you are witnessing the revelation of Life eternal, the unfolding of Consciousness and its infinite expression, the activity of Spirit within you and its grand purpose for your lifestream.

Lemurian Mission Expansion

The messages of Telos are directed in assisting the Earth and   humanity in preparing for transformation and Ascension. In order to attain the status of an ascended being, you need to fully understand and embrace the Christ consciousness in your daily life at the level of the fifth dimension that will simply  bring you to the beginning of a wondrous new life of Love, Brotherhood, Abundance, Limitlessness and  Magic.

Study Groups in the USA

A more in-depth study of the Telos material has been initiated in many countries and in several languages. Great benefits have been attained through acquiring a deeper understanding of the material which has been written at 40 levels of consciousness. Each time you read the material, you integrate more deeply the pearls of wisdom they contain. Those who read them only once, simply for the information, cannot receive the deeper understanding that is meant to assist the birthing of the Christ consciousness within themselves. Those who have reported reading them over 15 times said that each time their lives goes through a greater transformation.

Adama encourages you to consider holding such a study group in your home 2 to 4 times a month with a few friends and create a sense of oneness and community. If this resonates with you, please contact us or Andrew Fynn. We would be happy to guide you.

There are a number of people holding Telos material study groups all over the country, but we do not know who they all are. If you are holding such a group, please let us know. We would like to coordinate this sacred activity. Each week, there are people who contact us looking for kindred souls to meet with in their hometown to study the Telos material with and participate in ascension ceremonies, but they do not know who to contact.  Unless you let us know who you are and what you are doing, we are unable to refer these sincere searching souls to you.  We are trying now to coordinate this activity so that we can send referrals to  those of you doing this work.  If you feel the calling to become a state co-ordinator, please contact Andrew.

Andrew Fynn from the Bay area has volunteered to take care of coordinating this activity nationwide, such as keeping a list of those doing the work in each state and city and send the referrals. His phone number is:  (415) 259-5849 His e-mail address is:  andrewfynn@emailaccount.com. Andrew is a real sweetheart and is committed to help the expansion of this important mission. Do not hesitate to talk to him.

We have also available from Adama a study group guideline to facilitate your endeavor, especially for those beginning. We can also provide the forms for request for ascension before 2012 for group leaders.  Get involved as part of your planetary service and keep us informed of your activities. We want to support you the best we can.

My Health Situation

Many of you have heard that I have been ill in the last few months. Indeed, I was very ill and given the choice to leave my incarnation and ascend shortly after, or stay to continue my work and ascend the way I had intended to before my incarnation. Adama said that if I ascend now, I would not take the body with me in the next plane, and eventually, I would have regrets.

I choose to stay and heal the imbalances in my body that appeared in the form of a cancer. My situation is still delicate as I was very close to death in October, but I am being renewed and gaining strength by increments each day.  This is why I have been somewhat distant and will remain that way until I am fully recovered.

Channeling Sessions!

I want to share that I have been so busy with my work, with new and international publications that I have not been able to include personal channeling sessions in my work schedule that is increasing by the week.  Adama wants me to give top priority to the translating and publication of the Telos material in other languages and countries to assist the greatest number of people as possible on the planet.

  When I am ascended and have access to all my bodies, and they will be numerous, I promise that I will take time to do private channeling sessions for all of you who have supported  my work. In the meantime, I recommend Valerie  Donner of the Bay area who channels an awesome feminine Elder from Telos, Roselea. It is a delightful experience to talk to and counsel with her. Phone: 925-287-8976 Pacific time , or e-mail:  valeriedonner@sbcglobal.net Valerie is an experienced channel and fully sponsored to by the people of Telos to channel Roselea. Blessings to all of you.

Your Immune System

Many people are sick these days, especially those committed to their ascension because we a purging life times of pains and trauma that must be release before ascension like I have been in the last few months. Most people’s immunity is not working to full capacity and it is an important factor to be able to be fit enough to bring the physical body into ascension. My immune system was functioning only at 10% in October. This is why I became so sick. I kept too busy to pay attention on time. 

One of the products that was recommended to me to reboot the immune system is the Max-GXL immune therapy, accredited to be one of the best in the country. I must say that it is helping me greatly. If you are interested to also use this product for yourself, you can acquire this online by clicking the link:  www.aurelia2theMax.com. The testimonials are outstanding!  You will find there a lot of information about this product and be able to listen to some videos. You will be able to order directly with a credit card and receive your products within 3 to 4 days. I fully encourage you to  visit this site!